Rules for the Use of Memotrees Wood

To ensure that Memotrees is enjoyed by all and to keep the woodland as natural as possible, we have implemented a small number of rules, which we ask you to abide by. Please read carefully and abide by the following.

NO garden ornaments may be placed by the tree. Any items will be taken away. We wish the area to remain as natural as possible.

No plastic flowers or plastic plants of any kind are permitted. These will be removed.

Please do not place stones, gravel, flags, windmills, solar lights etc around the tree. These items will be removed.

You are welcome to plant bulbs around the tree, taking care to avoid the roots.

No fences or borders of any kind are to be erected around the tree. We will remove these as they can potentially damage our maintenance vehicles.

Please do not attach anything to the trunk or branches of the tree.

Only plaques provided by Memotrees may be placed by the tree.

Do not heap soil up against the trunk of the tree as this will rot the trunk and may kill the tree.

You may create a small garden around your tree of approximately 3 feet in diameter. Please do not dig any deeper than 4 inches as you will damage the tree roots.

Please keep within the boundaries of Memotrees as farming activities are taking place in the surrounding fields.

Well behaved dogs are welcome. Please clear up after them and please do not let them disturb the wildlife or other visitors.

Please take your litter home with you or use the bins provided, taking time and care to separate compostable and non compostable items please.

Any items contravening the above will be removed. They will be kept at our office for what we consider a reasonable period of time, to allow you to collect them. We will not necessarily contact you in such circumstances.

We reserve the right to remove any dead or dangerous trees without prior contact with the sponsor. We will either place the plaque on our plaque wall, or leave the plaque in position beside the tree stump.

Some trees grow more vigorously than others. Such is nature's way that inevitably a small percentage of trees will fail over the years. In such circumstances, we would encourage you to keep on enjoying Memotrees and view the wood as a whole, as your continuing dedication.