Memorial Tree Pricing

Sponsor or dedicate a tree as a celebration of someone's life or to celebrate a milestone like a birthday, wedding, new birth, anniversary or just because you like seeing trees. In Memotrees Woodland we have a selection of sapling trees already planted for you to choose from. We plant in the winter months. Planting during wet and cold conditions helps the roots get established, before the ground dries out during the summer months. This enables us to have a variety of trees available for sponsorship all year round.

How do I sponsor a tree?

If you would like to contribute to the development of this beautiful woodland then you can sponsor a tree as a gift or to mark a special event, like the arrival of a new family member, a wedding, a birthday, an anniversary or perhaps in memory of a loved one, or just because….. you are very welcome to visit Memotrees and choose a tree for yourself.
Any tree without a plaque next to it is usually available for sponsorship.

Take a note of the letter and number allocated to each tree by the tag attached to the tree stake. On this tag you will also see the tree variety. This enables us to identify every tree in the wood. Please make your 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice, just in case your chosen tree is awaiting a plaque to be put in place. Wherever possible we will try and accommodate your first choice. If you would like to check availability of your chosen tree, please contact us during office hours, or send us an email which we will respond to as soon as possible.

Dedicate by post

Send your dedication form by post with a cheque or email it to us with your proof of purchase from our website.

Download a Form

A gift for you, your loved ones and the planet

Your Tree Dedication can also help to offset up to 1 tonne of carbon dioxide throughout the life of the tree. That's good for you, your friends, wildlife and the planet too.

By dedicating a tree you help maintain and improve new woodlands and support our work to provide local people with opportunities to live healthier, more sustainable lives and reduce their carbon footprint.

For each tree dedication, you will receive:

  • A Tree Dedication Certificate showing the recipient’s name and a special message from you.
  • Information on the woodland location where your trees are planted.
  • A gift that lasts a lifetime - We plant our trees only in locations that are properly managed so your tree will live to maturity.
  • An electronic or paper certificate - Certificates are issued free via email or, for just an little extra to cover postage and packing, we can post the certificate to you or the recipient.
tree dedication certificate
Dedicate a Tree

Dedicate a pre-planted tree in memory of a loved one. Together with a certificate.

  • Dedicated pre-planted Tree
  • Certificate
most popular
Tree & Plaque

Dedicate a pre-planted tree with a memorial plaque.

  • Dedicated Pre-planted Tree
  • Personal Plaque
  • Certificate
Additional Certificate

If you would like an additional certificate or a replacement.

  • Certificate
  • -
  • -
Plaque Wall

A permanent plaque dedication in sight of natural beauty.

  • Dedicated Plaque
  • Certificate
Biodegradable Urns

Have your loved ones ashes create a new life as a tree or flowers.

  • Biodegradable Urn
  • -
Burying Ashes

Honour your loved one by burying their ashes in the copse.

  • Bury your ashes
  • New tree planted
Picnic Table/Bench

Sponsor a bench or table with a personalised plaque.

  • Dedicated Bench/table
  • Plaque
  • -

After your choice has been made;

Our intention to maintain the tree until it can care for itself is subject to events outside of our control which are extremely unlikely to occur in our forest. In the unlikely event that the tree does not survive it will be replaced. Please note that the estate of the deceased can accept the cost of a memorial planting. We are happy to receive payment from family groups or friends in the place of floral tributes. You may pay by cheque or bank transfer. Please feel free to telephone or email us to discuss your personal requirements.

After 10-14 days your personalised plaque will be placed beside the tree you chose. To confirm this you will receive a certificate by post with a map showing the location of your tree.

Our aim is to keep the woodland as natural and tidy as possible, for you to enjoy your visits. Your sponsorship enables us to keep the woodland looking tidy and well cared for, by contributing to grass cutting, tree pruning and pathway maintenance, which we are continually improving. Should any groundworks be taking place during a visit, whenever possible we will cease working.

If your tree should fall please advise us and your tree will be replaced free of charge. Where possible we will replace your tree in it's original position. If this is not possible due to natural growth and lack of light we may have to ask you to choose a new tree in a different location. Any tree that need to be replaced will be done in winter time. Alternatively you can choose to have your plaque added to the plaque wall as a permanent dedication free of charge. All plaques are black with gold lettering and measure 150x75mm.

The Memotrees Woodland

The Wood

There are picnic tables for you to use and enjoy throughout the wood. Take your time and enjoy a walk amongst the trees, whilst reading some of the beautifully worded and often thought-provoking plaques. Memotrees woodland is always open and you are welcome to visit anytime.


In Memotrees Wood we have a selection of trees already planted for you to choose from.  We plant in the winter months during wet and cold conditions helps the roots get established, before the ground dries out during the summer months.  This enables us to have trees available for sponsorship all year round.

Tree Species

Memotrees Wood is planted with a mixture of tree varieties.  Some tree varieties are more popular than others, therefore the selection of trees available does vary.  As does the size and shape of the individual trees, depending on maturity and of course nature.  Over the years we have established which tree types prosper in our soil conditions and our current tree selection reflects this knowledge.