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A memorial tree for you and your family.


Memotrees is an environmentally friendly way of providing a lasting memorial for the modern era. Space for a traditional memorial is becoming more and more limited leaving us with fewer memorial options. With space at a premium, there has to be a new way to honour loved ones who have passed, whilst being environmentally responsible.

Why not have a tree dedicated and planted by Memotrees? This is a direct and affordable way to contribute to a greener planet and memorialise your loved ones. Trees can also be dedicated in celebration of a new life, a wedding, an anniversary, in memory of a pet or simply as a carbon friendly gift to the environment.

Honour Your Loved Ones

At Memotrees, we can plant a tree to honour your loved ones, which is freely available for you, your family and friends to visit as often as you like with the bonus of helping our environment thrive. Memotrees memorial trees are located in Alston, Cumbria in the North Pennines, an area of outstanding natural beauty, close to Penrith and the Lake District.

Plant or Dedicate a Tree

Here you can scatter ashes or have them feed the tree by being planted with the tree. Cremated remains can be placed in our biodegradable urns mixed with the roots of a new sapling, or alternatively a tree can be dedicated or planted in memory. This tree is managed and cared for by Memotrees until it is established sufficiently to look after itself. We will place a memorial plaque with your chosen tree with your own personal message adorned upon it in remembrance.

dedicate a tree to a loved one

Certified Dedication

All trees planted by Memotrees are certificated in recognition of your dedication and we will send you your certificate when your tree has been planted. Additionally to this you have the option to have a personalised plaque made to sit by your tree.

Memorial Forest

Over time your memorial tree with all the others will develop into a natural memorial forest that everyone can enjoy for years to come. You will be free to visit and watch the memorial forest grow 365 days a year.

Memotrees For You

Memotrees exists for you. We wanted to create a memorial woodland for the benefit of families and individuals who have lost a loved one or wish to celebrate a new life and want to pay tribute to them in a modern, environmentally friendly and responsible way.

Dedicate a Tree in Memory

A tree planted in someone's memory is a living tribute that benefits present and future generations, and is possibly the most appropriate way of honouring someone's life. Your memorial trees planted in copses are honourable monuments and are actively helping nature for generations to come.

Every 1,000 tree staplings that we plant will restore 4 acres of forest and will help create a sustainable wildlife habitat.

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dedicate a tree to a loved one

Like What We Offer?

We are proud to be able to offer a quality memorial service of this type during such a sensitive time in people's lives.

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Memories are Important

family in the forest

Family Trees

How you memorialise a loved one is an important decision and dedicating a tree in their memory is an important decision that takes time.

We plant trees for family and friends to visit.

sapling growing

New Life Grows

A tree which is already planted can be dedicated as a memory to your loved one or as an alternative and more special memorial cremated remains can be mixed in with the soil and roots of a new sapling in one of our biodegradable urns so that they can become a new life. These are available to purchase in our shop.

bench in the forest

New Forest

Over time a natural and beautiful new forest will have been established for the benefit of everybody to enjoy and to help keep our planet green and healthy.

Dedicate a Tree in Celebration

Planting a tree in someone's name is a unique and green gift for all kinds of life's milestones like birthdays, graduations, weddings, births, anniversaries or any special occasion. Pay tribute and increase our nation's forests.

Dedicate a tree for as little as £99 for one tree and the recipient will receive a personalised card to commemorate the event. If you would like you can dedicate multiple trees.

Planting trees on someone's behalf is a great way to honour an occasion and because trees provide so many natural benefits, they are a gift that keeps on giving. They clean our air, absorb carbon dioxide, produce oxygen and help to clean water. Healthy forests sustain wildlife and provide a place for outdoor pursuits.

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dedicate a tree to a loved one